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The Epistemology of Crowdsourcing

Today at theproblemwithlife is epistemology day. I’ve been reading a fair bit about quantum mechanics, and specifically the measurement problem lately, which has brought up a lot of ideas I was engaged with when I was studying philosophy, particularly with … Continue reading

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Debt to the World

There’s something incredibly counter-intuitive about the pain that debt-reduction cuts are bound to cause. In common with any problem rooted in economics, I can’t help feeling that we should be able to just reset the counter. After all, money is … Continue reading

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Murdoch Gets Closer to Owning Thought

It has been reported that our esteemed leader Rupert Murdoch is set to take full control of BSkyB (of which he/NewsCorp currently own a 39% stake). Yes this makes business sense, and to be honest, most people, myself included, always … Continue reading

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The problem with life is…

So this is it. My first tentative step into the blogosphere. Why am I doing this? It’s hard to say. I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while. I get excited and exasperated by so many things, and I’m … Continue reading

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