The problem with life is…

So this is it. My first tentative step into the blogosphere. Why am I doing this? It’s hard to say. I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while. I get excited and exasperated by so many things, and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend gets tired of hearing about it all the time.

I also started working at a digital marketing agency recently and have been thrust firmly into the role of copywriter, so writing on the internet feels like my natural habitat these days. There is, quite possibly, a small part of me that wants to balance out all the crap I’m putting out there with my name on it. Crap is perhaps a little harsh, I’m very proud of my work, it’s just that I wouldn’t normally choose to write about some of the things I do…

More importantly, I have a lot of ideas and vague aspirations of writing some sort of book at some point. Something quite scholarly I hope. But I don’t have the time to really put it together, so writing a blog might help me get some of it down somewhere at least, and possibly help me crystallise the ideas a bit further to the point where I can turn it into a book. Who knows, who cares? Let’s just give it a go eh?

So there ends my introductory confessional. From here on out it’ll be a lot more focussed, a lot more purposeful and a lot more interesting.

The problem with life is…no one quite knows what to make of it.


About Nick

I love music, vinyl, tube equipment, guitars. I love books, politics, science and philosophy. I'm cautiously in love with the internet.
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