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To God or Not to God

I recently read an interesting letter in The Guardian. A reader wrote in taking issue with a review of Stephen Hawking’s new book, in which he disavows the existence of God, seemingly on the basis that science can explain everything … Continue reading

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The Market, the State and the Credit Crunch

The government’s on-going public spending cull has got me thinking about the role of the state in a free market economy. My distaste for the free market is by now well documented. However, it is still very much the best … Continue reading

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Amish in the City

I was recently watching a TV programme called “Amish: The World’s Squarest Teenagers”. The show took six Amish teenagers and slapped them into different British social groups each week. It was very similar to an earlier, American programme: “Amish in … Continue reading

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To the Left to the Right

Perhaps it’s my own paranoia, but I’ve always felt as if those on the righter side of things tend to view those on the left as lacking in intellectual rigour, as somewhat naïve and immature; perhaps even a little irrational. … Continue reading

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The Epistemology of Crowdsourcing

Today at theproblemwithlife is epistemology day. I’ve been reading a fair bit about quantum mechanics, and specifically the measurement problem lately, which has brought up a lot of ideas I was engaged with when I was studying philosophy, particularly with … Continue reading

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